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IIEEC has been a leader in training teachers of young children for over 15 years. Our range of practical workshops suit teachers at a variety of experience levels and will help you develop your classroom skills. Developed by Ritsuko Nakata, the workshops combine expert advice and guidance with the opportunity to share ideas and have fun with other teachers.

MAT Teacher Training Seminars IIEEC Study Group Meeting
Learn how the MAT METHOD leads to successful, enjoyable classes through active student centered lessons using 6 second drills and unique techniques.
Stimulating Small Classes
Improve your teaching and swap ideas with other teachers at our monthly multi-purpose workshop.

Trial Lesson with an Input.
MAT Basic Reading and Writing Seminars Effective Techniques and Activities Workshop
Are your classes "Listening and Speaking heavy"? Learn how to teach reading and writing basics in a fun, systematic and effective way using gestures and "Phonics Math". What are the essential goals of kids' classes? This workshop demonstrates how to give your children the best possible start using picture cards and a variety of other techniques.
Junior High English Workshop Pre-School Workshop
Do you teach English to junior high school students? Learn how to teach grammar in an effective way and increase your students' conversational abilities through a variety of enjoyable grammar oriented activities. How can you teach children who have just barely learned to speak their native language, let alone English? How can you manage a rowdy group of preschool youngsters? This workshop is the way to an efficient and well-run classroom.
Creative Storytelling and Activities Workshop English Course for Teachers
One concern of many teachers is how to introduce storytelling effectively in their daily lessons. Come to the IIEEC STORYTELLING WORKSHOP and learn how to tell a story in a fun and interactive way. This course is designed to help English teachers who are non-native speakers of English to brush up on their own English skills, with a specific focus on easy-to-understand classroom English and how to remain in the target language in class.
Music, Rhythm and Movement Workshop Craft & Activities Workshop
This workshop teaches you how to use enjoyable songs and chants that combine gestures, games and other techniques in class. Learn how to make simple handcrafts that can be used in your classroom. With only a little effort, readily available materials can be changed into fun, educational toys.
Event Workshop Using Let's Go Workshop
Join our special events workshops. You will find out how to make the most of holidays and festivals in your classes. Lots of fun ideas for teaching your students about Christmas and Halloween will be presented.

In response to popular request, we now have new workshops for Let's Go users who are also using the MAT METHOD. You will learn how to get greater mileage with the texts and also learn how the MAT METHOD will INCREASE production and participation from your students. See how you can activate, motivate and have fun with Let's Go and MAT!

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