MAT Reminders

 2011.08.16 Updated

MAT Reminders (Emphasize Success, Not Mistakes)

【Emphasize Success, Not Mistakes.】

To increase the amount of success in a lesson, make sure your MAT DRILLS are speedy and rhythmical. Students should be able to say things naturally and with good pronunciation. DRILL the same thing two or three times then have the students USE the sentences by practicing in groups and pairs.

DRILL problem points several times during the lesson instead of concentrating on it for a long time. This will help remind students how to say it correctly.

 2010.10.11 Updated

MAT Reminders (What Does MAT Stand For?)

【What Does MAT Stand For?】

MAT stands for Model, Action, Talk. It is a method that gets students speaking 80% of class time. It helps students to ask, answer, give opinions and information to each other at natural speed as well as to read and write quickly with lots of fun techniques with immediate results.
How much are your students speaking in class?

Model: The way you model determines how well your students learn the lesson. Instead of just having them repeat after you, the WAY we introduce things with the MAT is important.
Do you remember HOW to introduce new materials?

Action activates the right side of the brain, which helps students remember better. MAT has gestures to help students with difficult items such as, "a" and "an", prepositions and many abstract ideas, such as "like/want/have", the tenses, etc. Just explaining it often confuses the students, but they learn better with gestures.
Do you do remember the gestures for "a" and "an" and others?

Talk means that the students are talking to each other, not to the teacher. With adequate practice using the MAT Practice System, students can ask and answer questions fluently with each other without the teacher's help.
Are you students talking to each other?

More reminders to come!